Essex County Parks and Recreation
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Essex County Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission

The Commission is established and empowered to review and advise upon existing and develop new proposed programs, policies, fees, and procedures deemed appropriate for the equitable, efficient and effective coordination and delivery of sports, athletics and other recreational opportunities for citizens of Essex County of all ages.
The Commission will consult and advise the Board of Supervisors in matters affecting the acquisition and
disposal of lands and properties related to the total community recreation program, and to it's long-range projected program for recreation.
The Commission is advisory in nature and its findings and recommendations implemented in cooperation with and at the discretion of the Essex County Department of Parks & Recreation (hereinafter the Department) and the Board of Supervisors.

The following specific matters and functions are assigned to the Commission:

(a). To review existing and recommend upon new proposed administrative policies and procedures of the Department relating directly to the structure, relationship, roles and responsibilities between the Department and organized recreation associations, clubs and groups operating in Essex County.

(b). To review existing and recommend upon new proposed fees and charges to be levied by the Department for participation in recreation programs and use of County recreation and parks facilities.  All proposed fees and charges are subject to the Board of Supervisors approval prior to implementation.

(c). To develop improved communication and coordination between the Department, organized recreation associations, clubs and groups operating in Essex County, and the general public regarding recreational opportunity ties and programs.

(d). To act as a forum and point of contact for input from the public and consumers of recreational programs for the expression of concerns or suggestions regarding the organization, operation, and conduct of such programs and activities in Essex County.

Staff Details

Vice Chairman 

A. Fleet Dillard


George Jennings


James Sydnor


Richard C.L. Moncure Jr.


Robert Lafollette


Stanley Clarke


Tim Beamer

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